Saturday, December 20, 2014

Day 2: Rooting out cravings

April 27, 2008

Today's juices:

1/2 Qt Pineapple, Spinach, Water
1/2 Qt Blended watermelon
some granules of bee pollen to try it out
1/2 Qt water
1/2 qt plus 1 cup carrot + juice from yesterday
juice of about 2.5 oranges (I juiced four, but Ella drank some, too)
1Qt: tomato, garlic greens, onion greens, yellow pepper, cucumber, celery, collard, parsley, cilantro, lemon juice, kelp, dulse and water
1/2 tsp coconut oil with a drizzle of honey, followed by water, which made my stomach burn a little. And the pain went up to the front of my right shoulder.
1/2 Qt. water with chlorophyll
1 1/2 Q pineapple, orange, spinach and water
wheatgrass juice in water

My random quote from Eckart Tolle today is:

"What is it in humans that loves to feel bad and calls it good? The pain-body, of course." (p.153 of A New Earth.)

That is a big WOW for me when it comes to food. While making my daughter's mashed potatoes and lentils today I thought, "I want it!" But how could I? It makes me feel so bad when I eat that way. But the food is so good! How can that be? I never thought it was my pain-body creating that craving. Calling that food good just to make me feel bad, because the pain-body, of course is all about pain.

I was used to understanding the pain-body in terms of my irritability, anger, and what-not. I can usually catch myself, knowing it is my pain-body feeding on those emotions. But to think of it this way sheds a whole new light.

What I realize with the juicing (and raw foods in general), is the ABSENCE of fullness, bloating, pain. And really I don't notice the absence, so it feels uncomfortable to me. The pain is not there, and so my pain-body (for more info about the pain body, look at Tolle's A New Earth or The Power of Now) is saying, "Eat this! Mmmmm, doesn't that pizza look good? Oh, yes, that is soooo good" because it wants me to feel bad, because the pain-body is like another being living inside me, and it lives on pain.

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My left foot hurts so much! I broke it two years ago, but it healed so quickly and has never given me pain.
rt ankle also hurt a lot. That is from a bad break when I was in high school.
insomnia last night - barely slept at all

yesterday: day 1 during my nap: dreamed I gave birth - easily, unassisted. The baby came out still in her sac (not sure if it was a girl or boy, actually.)

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