Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Day 12: Lotsa savory veggie juice

May 7, 2008

I am craving lots of savory, onion-garlic-pepper type of juices with lots of greens! Though the fruit juices still taste yummy to me, it's just not what I want.

Today's juice:

  • water with lemon and 1 tsp MSM
  • 1 qt borscht: beet and beet greens, carrot, celery, cucumber, spinach, fermented veggies, lemon, garlic, with hemp oil, kelp and salt.
  • 1 1/2 qt: fruit juice: strawberries, oranges, apples, banana, spinach + 1 Tbsp bee pollen
  • nearly 3 qts tabouli juice: tomatoes, celery, cukes, carrot, parsley, mint, orange bell pepper, garlic, onion, lemon and greens and weeds: arugula, lamb's quarters, comfrey, dandelion greens, plantain leaves.
  • 1 cup apple juice with water and lemon
  • bite of an avocado (!!!)
  • I took a sublingual B12 from Trader Joe's, which was made like a homeopathic remedy in that it was a big sugar (lactose) pill. It didn't seem to give me any extra energy. In fact, I'm quite tired right now (and hungry! After all that juice!)
  • nearly 1 quart of watermelon juice

I had lots of juice today and I'm still hungry. I have 1/2 qt of the borscht juice left and maybe I'll drink that. Also we bought a big organic watermelon at Whole Foods, so perhaps I'll dive into that. (I ended up going with the watermelon, as you can see from above list.)

My raw friend Wendi of came over and said I was glowing - so that's good news.


Wendi Dee said...

Yep! Glowing and beautiful! :-) It's always fun spending time with you, Melissa. I love you!


Birch Center said...

I am so happy you stopped over today, it was really great to see you!
I love you, too!!!

David and Katrina Rainoshek said...

Hi Melissa!

Thanks so much for stopping by our post and letting us know about your blog! I have added it to the blog roll on our blog and look forward to reading about your journey!

With love and blessings,