Monday, December 1, 2014

Day 21 - Three Weeks!

May 16, 2008

Day 21 - Three Weeks - Yeah!

Today I have been juice feasting for three weeks! Unfortunately we did not get a picture today because it was a running around sort of day, but tomorrow should be more low-key so hopefully I'll get a picture and get it up there. I did lose some more weight:

start: 182 lbs
week 3: 168 lbs

Today I went to a blissful and amazing yoga class again at Breathe. I just love the teacher, Maggie. Today we did handstands...lots of great fun. I used to be a gymnast and at one time in my life I felt as at home on my hands as I did on my feet. I have been thinking of handstands lately...especially with my tight painful right shoulder - which isn't so tight and painful anymore! (I literally just noticed that.) I had recently been thinking it would be nice to get back up-side-down and also to be able to do a back bend again (which, even when I was doing flips and twists galore, I would wince at a "simple" walkover, because my back was never that flexible.) So perhaps tomorrow's picture I'll be on my hands (if not tomorrow, then in the near future) and maybe by the end of the feast, I'll be in a back bend! Stranger things have happened, right?

Today's Juice:

  • juice of three oranges with water, bee pollen and chlorophyll
  • 1 1/2 qts yesterday's GVJ (green veggie juice)
  • 1 qt pineapple, spinach, cilantro, and parsley (wonderful!)
  • 1/2 qt apples, celery, lime with water and chlorophyll
  • 1 1/2 qts butternut squash, celery, tomatoes, yellow pepper, onion, garlic, ginger, spinach, cilantro, lime, lemon (this juice was delicious before adding the b'nut squash and celery, which I juiced separately in the Jack Lelane. Once I added the squash it became much sweeter and took on a totally different taste and was still quite good.)
  • Also had 1/8 avocado with lemon juice and salt

Didn't have my regular oils today (hemp and coconut) because of all the running around. Also missed the spirulina and haven't taken MSM in quite a while. Must start that soon...I'm noticing at night that my elbow is quite stiff.

A final note: I did get my period today...fairly light and a little cramping, but I am so happy that my body is back into a cycle after the miscarriage/hemorrhage on April 9, and all the FEAR-based warnings the nurse-midwives had for me if I didn't get to the hospital right away, (which I didn't go at all) etc etc. So anyway, yeah for my body!


Wendi Dee said...

Congrats on week three, the weight loss, and pain/stiffness disappearing!!!!! Even though it makes so much sense, and I've experienced all of the returning of health on raw, I still get super excited and amazed at all that can happen if we just eat our foods uncooked!!

You know, Melissa, I can completely see you getting back into gymnastics!!! I look forward to seeing your pictures of all the things you can do!

Lots of love to you!


Penni said...

I am so impressed that you've lost that amount of weight already! I weighed close to 180 at the start of my feast and I'm down to 144 lbs. I'd love to end up around 130, but I probably won't get there in 22 days.

I am curious about the small amount of avocado that I see you've had along with your feasting. Is that just something you're for a reason? I thought maybe you know something I don't.



Birch Center said...

Hi Penni,
Thanks for your comments! I appreciate that you're following my blog.
The avocado is an indulgence that is surely not "legal"...I looked it up and it does contain fiber, so it's most likely a no-no. Must be some kind of emotional crutch I haven't let go of yet....